The Ever-Standing Lighthouses

Our parents are the ever-standing lighthouses for us: the lost, wandering ‘adventurers’. They provide light and guidance in the world no matter what troubles we get into or how far we may be stranded from the right path. And I know that I complain about my parents (who doesn’t?), since they will always see us as fragile children and I feel, as a consequence, they don’t understand or believe in me. But I’m sure they are starting to grow more appreciative of me, as much as I do with them.

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No One – Alicia Keys

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don’t worry cause
Everything gonna be alright


Such a beautiful song. ^^

New Urban Eats

According to NWsource, New Urban Eats feature twenty of the hottest, new, local restaurants that offer a special $30 prix fixe dinner menu. Some notables on my list are Kurrent, Qube and Red Fin.

Anyone interested in going together let me know!

Seahawks vs. Redskins Playoff Game!

Seahawks logo

So this Saturday I will go to my first NFL football game. Better yet, it is a playoff game with the Redskins. I look forward to a fun day of wild cheering and drunken debauchery? by being a part of the 12th man, which Jack explained as the Hawks fans themselves. Watch out Skins! You’re entering the loudest stadium! 😀

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A New Year Ahead…

Boy, 2007 was a great year, but not for some (Spears gets into rehab, Seattle native Sanjaya gets voted off Idol, innocent, young victims are shot down by teenage gunmen). I have been fortunate enough to meet great people and have the best of times. Of course, there have been some lows, but at this point, I can’t ask for anything more. It’s like all my wishes came true right before 2008 has arrived.

So to everyone I wish you a happy new year 🙂 Hakuna Matata!

If they can do it, so can you!

I watched the Biggest Loser finale today and it amazes me every time how someone can change into a completely different person. It just made me think that if I was to work a little harder, maybe get back into my diet and steady exercise, I can get back my “invisible abs”. Now that my mom will return to Korea soon for the holidays, I might avoid being lazy and get to work out more. We shall see!

Biggest Loser Before & After Pics

Biggest Loser Before & After Pics 2

On a side note, I do have some movies I am looking forward to. Hopefully Father Christmas will treat me to all these movies!

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Little Things That Make Me Happy

So my college colleague HY, starts talking to me on MSN. HY is all the way over in Korea and it has been a while since we last talked, so imagine my pleasant surprise when HY called me.

After catching up about life and in general, we wished each other luck and parted. HY promised to call every week or so and I feel as though I will look forward to it, as if I can connect with my “hometown” that way.

I must say that a wave of nostalgia swept over me during the call. While talking to HY it made me think back to my college life in Ohio, when I learned my most important life lessons there. If only I could go back…

Regardless, it was great to talk to an old friend. Someone you thought didn’t care much about you, who goes through harder times than me but doesn’t show it, called and made me feel better. Of course, I would also like to think that I helped HY in some way too.