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Little Things That Make Me Happy

So my college colleague HY, starts talking to me on MSN. HY is all the way over in Korea and it has been a while since we last talked, so imagine my pleasant surprise when HY called me.

After catching up about life and in general, we wished each other luck and parted. HY promised to call every week or so and I feel as though I will look forward to it, as if I can connect with my “hometown” that way.

I must say that a wave of nostalgia swept over me during the call. While talking to HY it made me think back to my college life in Ohio, when I learned my most important life lessons there. If only I could go back…

Regardless, it was great to talk to an old friend. Someone you thought didn’t care much about you, who goes through harder times than me but doesn’t show it, called and made me feel better. Of course, I would also like to think that I helped HY in some way too.