Diana Jung

Me in a Buckeye Shell…Go Bucks!

  • I’m on a mission to get everything I ever desired after learning from my past mistakes. It’s scary, but I want to believe in myself. Be prepared for something amazing to be updated here.
  • I’m happily living in Seattle, the city apparently known for its geeks, stupid drivers, rain and coffee. Yeah it can get pretty irritating after a while with all the pompous attitudes and homebodies, but I still love it!
  • I love to be active. I enjoy snowboarding, basketball, tennis, working out and dancing.
  • I’m very proud to be a Ohio State Buckeye.
  • I am Korean and thus love everything about Korea.
  • My family is the best. My younger bro goes to UW. I have a doll-like male Shih-Tzu named Koko, yes Koko.
  • Blogging is fun!
  • …..


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