The Ever-Standing Lighthouses

Our parents are the ever-standing lighthouses for us: the lost, wandering ‘adventurers’. They provide light and guidance in the world no matter what troubles we get into or how far we may be stranded from the right path. And I know that I complain about my parents (who doesn’t?), since they will always see us as fragile children and I feel, as a consequence, they don’t understand or believe in me. But I’m sure they are starting to grow more appreciative of me, as much as I do with them.

So my dad visited my brother and me last weekend, and I took some days off work to show him around other touristy parts of Seattle that he may not have seen. We went to the Museum of Flight, Underground Tour, and Leavenworth (I may post up pics on flickr). MOF was fun, some highlights being the flight simulator, World War planes, Air Force One and British Airways Concord. If you have a visitor interested in planes, he/she would enjoy this museum. As it was my 2nd time on the Underground Tour, I found it dull, although my dad didn’t seem to have the best of times either. Leavenworth is a Bavarian village about 2 hours east of Seattle. We passed by Steven’s Pass and reached it past noon and managed to visit all the wonderful shops, restaurants and boutiques. Plus, the mountain scenery was just fabulous! Not to mention that we dined out often (even with my bro) and while I passed out after the Leavenworth trip, my dad and bro watched Sweeney Todd, which they seemed to have enjoyed.

I seemed to have forgotten what it was like to hang out with my dad, but sometimes I feel like my dad feels most comfortable in adopting a teacher-student tone with me, as he enjoys sharing historical or religious information. And I have to admit that sometimes I do have this glazed look when he launches into his spiels, but his deep knowledge and cultured background still amazes me all the same.

Nonetheless, it was great to feel like my dad’s daughter again. And to be with family.

One response to “The Ever-Standing Lighthouses

  1. I like growing up when you can finally talk to your parents as friends rather than authority figures. It doesn’t happen often but its nice when it does. 😀

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