Useless(?) Facts Learned From Korean TV Shows

  1. If people stand as flat as they could on the sides of an elevator, it is possible to fit more people (and weight) than the suggested passenger (weight) capacity allowed in the elevator. The reasoning behind this, for those of you intrigued, is because the actual scale that measures the total weight is located at the center of the elevator itself. Source from a discontinued TV show called “Sponge“. (I know, it’s such a cool name!)

    louvre elevator

  2.  A really easy, fast and clean way to remove the shell of a hard-boiled egg is to use a spoon. Strike the side of the egg lightly to create a few cracks on the surface. Then force the edge of the spoon under and around the contour of the egg. You should then be able to easily discard the bigger shell parts. Get rid of the little pieces with water. Doing all of this under cold water would be most effective.

shell a hard-boiled egg

I’m sure there were more interesting facts I learned from Korean TV shows that I wanted to share, but I thought this was enough fun to share for now. 

If you’re a Korean TV show junkie like I am, you must read this! 50 Things You Learn From Korean Dramas

3 responses to “Useless(?) Facts Learned From Korean TV Shows

  1. hehe, where are the rest? and no, 2 was not enough *__*

  2. So funny. 😀 I stole that link and posted it on my blog.

  3. I just love useless facts like this! I found a site with a huge database of information like this called It is so addictive, been on it for 1 hour now! LOL!

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