Comfort Day at Work

Today was Comfort Day at work, so everyone got to dress down into their jammies, workout clothes, slippers or whatever makes one feel comfortable. (Don’t worry, I was spared the sight of seeing babydolls or man-thongs) Plus, there was a comfort food cookoff! These are some of the foods I tasted. 

  • mac and cheese (popular)
  • wonton bites (popular)
  • chili (my fav)
  • corn casserole (good!) (WINNER!)
  • sausage tortellini (WINNER!)
  • pumpkin lasagna (good AND unique!)
  • acorn squash
  • pepperoni, salami and cheese crackers
  • tuna shell pasta

I didn’t cook anything. Although if I did, I would have gone for homemade mac and cheese as well. MMMM MMM! But I for sure wasn’t about to pass out on free food! My appetite must have shrank since I last gained my freshmen fifteen (twenty?); I usually would be able to consume much more food than I did.

It’s a FRIIIIIIDAY! TGIF! What is everyone’s weekend plans? Anything interesting?

Coming soon: Useless(?) Facts Learned From Korean Shows

2 responses to “Comfort Day at Work

  1. mac and cheese and chili does sound good right about now! they truly are good comfort foods. hmmm, mashed pototoes with a little garlic is awesome, also!!!!

  2. Woohoo! Diana’s blog rocks!

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