Childhood Fears

AAAAAAAnd I’m back from a way too short weekend. I was being lazy but I loved it! It felt good to unwind after those long days of monotonous work and stress.

But my childhood fears, ok maybe my teenage and adult fears, has stemmed mostly from the movies/media I have watched when I was young.

The Color + Design blog mentions some of my fears, such as Selachophobia, fear of sharks.

Fear of Sharks
Jaws made me hate sharks and aligators, yuck!

And pediophobia – the fear of dolls!

Fear of Dolls
And I truly blame Chucky for this, along with the haunted house back in Korea, when at one point a revolving doll loses its head and starts to squirt blood out from its headless body.

Watching Psycho still freaks me out to this day, though I do still wash… I just shouldn’t watch Psycho if I’m planning to take a shower. O_O

Fear of Showers

I think I’m generally horrified and terrified of anything sharp and dangerous, like knives and razor-sharp teeth. Can you blame me?

And pork buns? YUCK!

2 responses to “Childhood Fears

  1. I am not embarrassed of mine!! just don’t tell anyone, okie? hehe

    What about clowns? I thought you would say something about clowns.

    anyways.. . see you later crocodile ;P

  2. Clowns are scary. I hate the movie “IT”. Mad,crazy clown terrorizing a town. Just talking about it is giving me the creeps. Thanks, Di =/

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