A Burnt Out Epidemic – How We Spend Time That We Don’t Even Have

We all go through it at some point in our life. Then again, we go through the mixed emotions of depression, isolation, anxiety and even some revolutionary “disease” called “emo”. Divorces are rising, so are suicides, underage sex… What is happening to the world? The problem is, many things.

I don’t tend to think that I am a worrier, at least not a complainer, but it scares me to think that we are entering an information age. Everyone will always feel within them an infinite void for something lacking and try to fill it at a light-breaking speed. People are already too locked up in their houses and fixed in front of their computers or TV (that means you Seattle!) to try and keep up with the constant flux of new technologies and ideas. The Internet is such a beautiful yet scary thing, a good-bad feel drug. It’s like getting waves and waves of “TMI” upon our already busy lives.

Everyone deserves to be happy. This American ideal has been inbred in everyone and spread throughout the world; it is what America has been founded upon. The pursuit of happiness. I have the utmost respect and admiration for our Founding Fathers and they amaze me everytime I learn something new about them. But who knew that those four words may be the cause of more human confusion and suffering in the modern day and age?

Someone has once told me that ‘happiness is active’. I certainly see the reasoning behind that, but do we really want to work for it now? And for what means?

Just something I was thinking about.

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